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  • Amber
  • Crow

BloodClan is evil and vicious, they murder cats without reason and love to spill blood. Most of the cats have scars or nicks.

Bloodclan welcome banner by russianblues-d6iahzh

Leader; Brokenscar - A massive brown tabby tom with deep amber eyes and many batttle scars on his pelt.

Helper; (Second highest rank) Amber - Massive, well-muscled dilute calico she-cat with sharp claws, ragged fur, and blue-green eyes, known for being intimidating yet pretty, and for her "assassination" skills.

Deputy; Crow - Pitch-black tom with green eyes and small white spot on chest.

Medicine Cat; Chervil - very small, mottled grey tom with short fur, dark dapples over his shoulders, clear sky-blue eyes, and a torn ear


Raven - Slate grey tom with icy blue eyes and massive scars.

Whip - huge brown tabby tom with solid yellow eyes and white paws.-

Cassy - a pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with soft fur and amber eyes, has many scars because of being a kittypet. (Lower ranked)


Showtime - sleek, lithe grey tabby with leaf-green eyes, a patch of white on his flank, a white eartip, and a scar on one shoulder





BloodClans History~Edit

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