These are some challenges that are fun, as well as challenging. It also helps the Wiki! Rewards included. Plesse sign with your signature and be honest, please. Note; Some are easy, it just depends. But the rewards are higher when the challenge is harder. These will often change daily.

1st ChallengeEdit

Add 7 pictures to 7 different pages/added pages. Best quality. 

Reward: Get Chat Mod on the chat for a whole 24 hrs.

2nd ChallengeEdit

Edit pages 30 times! Note; You cannot edit the same page twice, if you do it will not count. 

Reward: Change the Wiki's colors to anything you want for 2 days. 48 hrs.

3rd ChallengeEdit

Add 20 new pages. They cannot be random things, or they will be deleted instantly. Add a fanfiction or character! Start off that!

Reward: You will be referred as "Your highness" and you get chat mod status for three days.

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