The story of Shadow That Creeps Over Light and her Tribe...


"Look how bright the sky is, Fang! I've never seen the sun be so bright." A black smoke tabby tom murmured, curling his body his mate and their newborn kits. "We've gotta name them now, after the first things we see, like all Tribe Cats do."

"Hmmm...The black tom will be Power Of The Tribe, the dark gray tabby tom will be Claw of Limp Enemy, and the she-cat will-" The dark tabby she-cat paused as sher jaw dropped, watching the sun suddenly disappear and the sky darken.

"T-The sun, it's gone!" Her mate cried out, his eyes widening as his fur rose along his spine. "Someone find the Healer, it must be an Omen, an Omen of War!" He snarled, stomping over to the blind black tom. "Sight That Has Gone Missing, the sun is gone, is this an omen?!" The deputy demanded, his hackles raising. The Healer simply shook his head.

"I may be blind, but I know this is no Omen, Venom, simply one of nature's rarities." The Healer dismissed the deputy with a flick of his tail, listening as he scowled and stomped off once more. He slowed down to sit beside his mate, his gaze soft.

His leader, also his mate, was a rareity, much like the solar ecplise they had just wittnessed. She had the rarest ability ever known, the ability to control nova, which had a very small chance of being passed down genetically, and there was no other way to receive the ability.

"Alright...I know the name of our precious little she-cat now. She'll be Shadow That Covers Light, and she will be my successor as Stoneteller."

Chapter 1Edit

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