Ask at comments before signing up.

Jobs Open!Edit

  • ====Scout/Spy - Your job will be to scout or spy on the wiki, like a admin, you will make sure the chat is clean and tell an admin or the founder who was doing a great job or not. Note; Rewards at the end of the day; Vancouver time. 2 spots open.====
  • ====Moderator - You will patrol the pages being edited, making sure it is appropriate and such. Note: New person every day. Taken by Flame====
  • Manager - Your job is too arrange gatherings or help the founder to add or decorate the wiki. Taken by Flame & Whiskers
  • Charart people - anyone who can do charart can sign up! :D


  • If you sign up for a job, YOU ARE responsible for it. We understand if you're not on but try to keep up with the job.
  • Act properly. You are not higher then other people unless you are a admin. (Trusted people) 
  • Try your best. You're all different and special so don't get down if you're stuck with a job you aren't interested in.
  • All will be respected. If you challenge or comment about the job they have, you better shape up. We don't tolerate poor behavior such as "Wtf Dusk, why'd you steal my job? Ugh" you may say "Oh, you took my job dude, I'll find another one." 
  • Treat others the way YOU want to be treated.
  • You are all building blocks to this wiki!
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