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A small cove surrounds this island in the shape of a moth's wing, cool fresh-water waves lap at the luxurious beaches of Mothwing Lake. Locals love this place, it is very consistent with it's weather, usually sunny with good rain. Friends sometimes gather on the dock and chat when the weather is hot, There is a little resteraunt that serves sea food and deserts. Beside the resteraunt lies a few stick houses for the people to enjoy, There is a beautiful iron bridge that leads towards their big town, there is beautiful stuff their but occasionally there is Robbers, Pirates and mythical creatures. By the edge of the town lies the deep Evergreen forest, not many travel there for their is mythical creatures, some good some bad. There is lots of rivers that run through the town. In the far east of the island,is the dragons cove,where gold and jewels lay hidden. There are several shapeshifters and kitsunes in the far north. This is mainly a resort, with free food!


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