The Sky Rulers are the Main Dragon Group, well-known for their power and intelligence. They can be peaceful, but are harsh when needed. They're often the Heroes, saving those who are in danger, but their Group always comes first when it comes to danger. Members roleplay here: Sky Rulers/Roleplay.
  • Toothless
  • Blitz
  • Drako
  • Tyrath
  • Emiko
  • Blaze


(The Leader, the dragon in command)

Drako - Massive, well-muscled silver male western with a poison-barb tail tip and bright blue eyes. He has the rare ability to control nova, and is the last living Air Dragon, but can breath ice.


(Second in command, the mate of the King)


(Dragons with the knowledge of herbs or with the powers of healing)

Full WingsEdit

Niko - Massive, bulky, dark, well-muscled, slate black dragon with spikes covering his wings, tail, and spikes down his spine, a grey crest on the top of his head, deep blue eyes. He is a Storm, and a Fire dragon.

Tyrath - Massive, bulky, dark blue dragon with spikes on his tail, huge wings and deep green eyes. He is very fast and is a Fire dragon.

Emiko - Huge dark grey dragon with huge wings, spines covering her back and huge jaw strength. She is a keen Tracking Dragon -

Half WingsEdit

(Dragons in training, often under the age of 12 moons and over the age of 6 moons)

Blitz - small eastern dragon with a pale rainbow pattern (after Whisker's pet cornsnake). She controls magic.

Blaze- a powerful golden dragon that is half Phoenix. She has multi-colored yellow, red, and bright purple feathers sprouting from behind her head and back with strong powerful talons and an armored head. She is a fire dragon and controls fire. 


(Expecting females or females who have laid eggs/raising hatchlings)

Tyshana - a beautiful pale blue dragon with pale olived eyes and pointy wings.


(Dragonetts under the age of 6 moons)

Toothless - (He looks like Toothless) a smaller sized black western with a chubby face and talons, a long tail with two fins, large ears, retractable teeth, a massive wings. He breaths extremely hot blue fire, and flies at an amazing speed.


(Unhatched dragons)


The Sky Rulers live in a chain the islands that float in the air, often at peace due to their lack of surroundings.Coming Soon

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