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Shadows Dark Side


"Larksong," whispered a black tom, his paw gently touching hers.

"Yes, my dear?" A brown and white cat replied, inching her way closer to her mate.

"What will our kits look like?" The black tom asked gently, gazing at the bright sun. "I mean.. well." He stammered, smiling at her warmly.

"Beautiful and handsome, like us." She purred gently, snuggling next to his mate. "They'll be due any day now, just you wait!" She affectionately nudged him, her belly quite swollen. Blackfang gazed up at the sun, his ears flicking as he felt the wind blow his fur. "The winds strong today, like huge streaks." He murmured.

Larksong pressed her body closer to Blackfang, "Blackfang, have you thought of any names?" She asked softly, her gaze glancing at the camp. "Leafkit..?" At this question, the tabby cat smiled. "Maybe Windkit.." Blackfang looked at the plump mouse.

Blackfang nudged the mouse closer to Larksong, his tail flicking. "Are you hungry?" 

Larksong shook her head, "Nope, I'm not hungry. I feel...a tingling. " she murmured. Blackfang nodded and set the mouse aside.

"Look, Shadows are creeping up on the light." Larksong added, her paw pointing towards the shadows. "Maybe..." She trailed off as a faint pain entered her stomach.

Larksong felt a bigger wave of pain flood through her belly, "They're here!" She gasped, blood oozing from her nose. "Bring Mintwhisker!" She hissed in frustration. Blackfang rushed towards camp, his paws thundering as he barged into the medicine den. "Mintwhisker! Help! Larksong is having kits!" He informed her.

"I'm coming, Blackfang!" She snapped, following Blackfang towards Larksong. Mintwhisker neatly wedged a stick between Larksongs jaws. "It's okay, just breathe." She murmured at Larksong.

Larksong let out a shriek of pain as a kit plopped out, the twig was snapping on impact. "It's okay, Larksong." Mintwhisker comforted her. The last kit plopped out, before something mysterious happened...


The third kit squeaked as Larksong glanced worridly at Blackfang. There was shrieks and gasps, the tiny kit looked confused. Why are they shouting? I can't see anything!


Mintwhisker smiled proudly, looking at the 3 bundled kits next to their mother. Larksong smiled happily, giving each kit a lick to the head. Blackfang licked the 1st kit, then 2nd kit but skipped the third kit. He glanced around, the wind picking up again. 

Larksong smiled, "I've got perfect names for them." She whispered, looking at the kits. A small frown revealed as the third kit wiggled a bit. "This is Leafkit." She touched the brown cats body, "This is Windkit," She nudged the grey tom. The queen continued, but her voice was flat, "And this is.. Shadowkit." She didn't touch the tom at all. Shadowkit turned his head towards the sun, a chill going up his spine. What happened..? Why didn't mum touch me? Am I deformed?

Chapter 1Edit


Shadowkit hid behind a rock, snickering as his brother Windkit tagged Leafkit. "Got you!" Leafkit ducked, laughing as Windkit barely touched her. "No, you didn't!" She protested, her tail twitching. "You didn't touch me!" Windkit spoke up, "Yes I did!"

Shadowkit crept out, his tail lashing with excitement. "How about I be it?" He joined, his paws ready to spring at Leafkit. Leafkit nodded, her eyes gleaming.

Without hesitation, Shadowkit pounced on Leafkit, squealing with delight. "Hah! Got you!" He leapt off of Leafkit and ducked her flailing paw. "Shadowkit! That isn't fair!" Leafkit hissed, staggering to her paws.

Windkit smirked, "Deal with it. Your it, Leafkit!"

Leafkit grunted in response, "Larksong!" She whined to her mother, burying her face in her mothers silky fur. "Shadowkit isn't being fair!" She complained, her tail drooping.

Larksong gently stroked Leafkit, "Shadowkit!" She hissed in fury, noticing that Shadowkit was snickering. Larksong cuffed him around the ear, "Stop laughing!" She growled, pushing him away. Blackfang muttered something under his breath as Shadowkit walked back towards Windkit.

"Why don't we play hide and seek instead?" Bluekit chirped, joining the group.

Windkit and Shadowkit nodded, Leafkit blankly eyed Bluekit. "I'll be it!" Bluekit bounded away and hid behind a tree. Leafkit smiled and bounded away, hiding in the apprentices den. 

Shadowkit smirked and bounded after her, his fur hiding in a shadow. "Shadowkit!" Blackfang snarled angrily, marching into the apprentice den. "What are you doing in there?!" He hissed, narrowing his eyes at the sight of his son. "Leafkit went in there first! I thought we could hide together!" Shadowkit frowned, Why was his parents so short tempered when he was only a kit? Blackfang growled deeply, cuffing his son on the ear again.

Leafkit stepped out, her eyes gleaming. Shadowkit gave Leafkit a quick glare before confronting his father. Blackfang looked uncertain, "What about Leafkit? Shes in trouble too!" Windkit was outside the den until now. Blackfang swung his head at Windkit, "Windkit, go on and play with Bluekit. Shes looking for you." He guessed, his eyes hard as stone as he glared at Shadowkit.

Shadowkit shivered as his father glared at him, "Well stay out next time!" He warned, stalking off towards the Larksong.

Shadowkit frowned, Why was his father so mad? "Windkit's it!" At this point,  Shadowkit got to his paws and ran of to play with his littermates.

Blackfang made his way over to Larksong and shot a glare at Shadowkit as he talked with his mate. Larksong narrowed her eyes at him and Shadowkit felt a shiver go down his spine.

"Shadowkit!" Bluekit stumbled out of her hiding spot. "Your it!" Shadowkit felt a sharp pain on his upper back as Windkit tagged him. "Ow!" He squeaked, tumbling over. 

Windkit smiled proudly, holding his tail high. "Gotcha!" He boasted, running off to join Bluekit. "Can't find me!" They chimed in, running different directions.

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