Tribe Of Blistering Winds

These are members of the Tribe Of Blistering Winds, evil cats with powers. They are a heartless and merciless tribe, much like BloodClan, but they have special "abilities". Those who aren't cruel like their Tribemates are often rejected, bullied, and looked down upon, sometimes even kicked out unless they prove themselves worthy. Members roleplay here: The Tribe Of Blistering Winds/Roleplay

  • Shadow That Creeps Over Light/Stoneteller
  • Spark That Flies From Flames
  • Red Flash Of Fire
  • Dream of Falling Snow


Shadow That Creeps Over Light - beautiful black smoke tabby she-cat who can control nova and dull or disable another's power, the strongest cat in the tribe. (Whiskers)


Red Flash Of Fire - a huge red furred tabby tom with bright green eyes.



Prey-hunters and DefendersEdit

Rain that falls from sky - Blue tom with red eyes.

Spark That Flies From Flame - golden tabby tom, can control and create fire. (Whiskers)

Cloud that Drifts Over Sky - Sleek grey flecked tom with white splotches and blue eyes. Can control wind and fire. 

Dream of Falling Snow - Tortie point she-cat with pale blue eyes. She con control dreams and read thoughts. (Whiskers)


Storm that Strikes Sky - blue-grey shecat with sky-blue eyes; can control the weather. Mother of Red's kits: Crack that Scars Earth, Green Leaves on Tree, and Jay that Sings on Tree.


Crack that Scars Earth - light brown tom with amber eyes; can control earthquakes

Green Leaves on Tree - bark-brown shecat with green eyes; controls the falling and growing of leaves.

Jay that Sings on Tree - grey tom with blue eyes.



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