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ThunderClan is a loyal, brave, and strong Clan who are often regarded as heroes. They are notorious for their great tree-climbing skills and strength. They thrive off of primarily squirrels, mice, voles, and the occasional squirrel, and can be strict on their rules. ThunderClan cats often have particularly strong legs and duller pelt colors, but this is starting to change. ThunderClan is well-known for hiding in their well-foliaged territory, so cats tend to be nervous while trespassing and the forest is silent.



Hiddenstar - Handsome, well muclsed, tall black smoke tabby tom with bright green eyes. RP'd By: Whiskers


Medicine Cat:Edit


  • Streamstreak - beautiful muscular calico she-cat with deep green eyes and a long slender tail.
  • Rosepetal - light dusky red she-cat with blue eyes and a white tipped tail.
  • Silverpool - pretty silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. RP'd By: Whiskers
  • Duskfeather - A muscular, light dusty brown tom with wide, bright leaf green eyes and dark brown tabby stripes on his body. He has bulky front paws, well muscled hind legs, (as hes from HawkClan) white paws and a white tipped tail.


  • Hailpaw - dark gray tom with a white chest/paws and blue-green eyes. Newly made apprentice. RP'd By: Whiskers


  • Palekit -A pale grey she-cat with dappled white spots and crystal blue eyes.
  • Foxkit - dark orange tabby tom with black ears and a black tipped tail.


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  • Rainpatch - dark grey tabby tom with dull green eyes and silver flecks on his muzzle, paws and pelt.
  • Whitefoot - sleek, old, white tom with sky blue eyes and grey flecks on his muzzle.-
  • Pinefeather - dark brown tabby she-cat with deep amber eyes and white paws.- 


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Warriors' DenEdit

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Apprentices' DenEdit

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Medicine Cat DenEdit

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Elders' DenEdit

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Leader's DenEdit

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Hailpaw Warrior Hailstorm Five more Moons (CS) Mentor: Duskfeather
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