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  • Storm That Brings Lightning

Stoneteller: Flare That Brings Hope - a beautiful light ginger she-cat with powerful legs and shoulders, white pws and bright leaf green eyes.


Storm That Brings Lightning - a handsome and well-muscled snow-shoe tom with crystal-blue eyes.


Prey Hunters and Defenders:

Night That Covers Moon - A beautiful pure black she-cat with light amber eyes, white paws and tail tip. Formerly Defender.

Splash That Sounds On The Water - Dark brown tom with white speckled undercoat and blue sparkling eyes. Prey Hunter.

Blood of Red Sunset - Sleek red tom with flashing amber eyes.

Breeze That Brushes Past Leaves - small calico she-cat with light green eyes.





Flint That Brings Fire - Grey tom with orange-red amber eyes and long whiskers. Graying muzzle, formely defender.

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