• My occupation is кто взял мои тапочки
  • I am trash man
I'm inactive so I won't roleplay and respond to most things on here.

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A Quick Summary:

Hello, welcome to my page. I'm Ripple, I enjoy roleplaying fictional characters that deal with the Warriors Series. I take part in many wiki's that are based off of Warriors Clans, and have my own characters. I also enjoy writing fanfictions about my characters, and drawing. :> 

Below are some random stuff about myself and wiki links, yeeep. That's about it!

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I am an admin of this wiki and will un-vandalize pages, and help out with the community.

You Can Find Me On...

I hang out on these wikis:

Oie transparent (11) is inactive in this wiki, you can find me on other wiki's, thank yaw. bye
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